About Me

Susan Stewart, MA EdTech Photo: Susan talking about the concept of Blended Learning to other educators. Everyone is soaking it in and Susan is in her element.


* Second Grade Teacher

* Instructional Technology Coach

Mommie of two toddlers, Kansas and Patten

I earned my Liberal Studies BA and Early Childhood Teaching Credential at Fresno State. After an initial year in Kindergarten, I've spent the past 14 years teaching Second Grade in Fowler Unified.

In 2005, I earned a Master's Degree in Educational Technology through Pepperdine University. My masters thesis project centered around creating technology-based professional development using constructivist learning theory. 

 In 2013, I was named the Instructional Technology Coach in Fowler Unified School District. This exciting new position allows me to work with students, teachers, and administrators on ways to infuse technology into our schools.

When I'm not working (which is rare!) I enjoy cooking, camping, listening to Rock & Roll, and spending time with the cutest girls in the world.

Professional Blurb:

I believe in using technology for effective, efficient educational practice.  This takes many forms, including:

* Technology as a means of delivering adopted curricular content

* Technology to engage ALL students

* Technology to measure and analyze student achievement  for the purpose of guiding and improving instruction

* Technology as an avenue for creativity and collaboration among students, parents, and educators

In my own classroom teaching experience, I have always made technology integration a priority, using available resources to create a classroom culture where technology is seamlessly incorporated into our daily routines and curriculum. 

Additionally, in my experience as a workshop facilitator, I have a demonstrated ability to train and motivate groups of adults to try new things in the area of technology. 

It is often said that education is continually changing, and right now this statement is more true than ever!  As we progress into the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards, technology integration can no longer be seen as an option or a bonus. Technology infusion  essential for teachers and students at all grade levels and in every subject area.