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Theme 1 Unit 1 - Foods We Eat

Dragon Gets By

A Rainbow of Food

Dragon Gets By at Eduplace

Dragon Gets By E-Word Game

Dragon Gets By Quiz Game on Quia

Vocabulary Practice on Quia

Problem/Solution Game

Story Elements Activities

Binky's Story Scramble

Spelling Words - Week 1

No Excuse Spelling List

and                are

because       but

come             has

have              that

favorite          like

my                 of

said              saw

see               she

same           Stewart

the                they

was              went

what             when

with               you


MyPlate - Healthy Foods

The Food Pyramid at ABCYA

Arthur's Lunch-o-Matic

Cooking with Abuela - Following Recipes

Food Group Games

Spelling Words - Week 2

  1. bag
  2. win
  3. is
  4. am
  5. his
  6. has
  7. ran
  8. if
  9. dig
  10. sat
  11. was
  12. I

Challenge Words

  1. scratch
  2. picnic

Short A/Short I at Spelling City

Short A/Short I Word Sort

Starfall -an

Starfall - at

Starfall Zac the Rat

Starfall - ig

Starfall - ip

Starfall The Big Hit