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Theme 2 Unit 2.1 - A Walk in the Woods

Henry and Mudge and

the Starry Night

E-Word Game

Henry and Mudge: Links to Camping Websites and Websites for Constellations **Great Site**
Picture of the Big Dipper
Compare and Contrast Game
Meet the Author: Cynthia Rylant

Frog and Toad Game: Compare and Contrast

Woods of Wonder

A Walk in the Woods Video and Games
Listen to the Sounds of Nature

Campfire Songs

Author's Purpose Youtube Video

Author's Purpose Lesson online

Author's Purpose Game

Author's Purpose Hoopshoot

Author's Purpose Game

Author's Purpose Matching Game

Author's Purpose Quiz

Compound Words Game
Another Compound Words Game
Synonym Sam

Spelling Week 7

Grade 2

Silent E words - Long O, U, E

Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night

Spelling Words

  1. bone
  2. robe
  3. use
  4. these
  5. rope
  6. note
  7. cute
  8. close
  9. hope
  10. those
  11. one
  12. goes

Challenge Words

  1. drove
  2. mule

Word Sort - Long O, U, E

Read or Listen to Long 0 Story

Long U Story

Week 7 at Spelling City

Spelling Week 8

Grade 2

Nature Walk
Reading-Writing Workshop

Frequently Misspelled Words

Spelling Words

  1. on
  2. am
  3. if
  4. from
  5. his
  6. her
  7. come
  8. want
  9. does
  10. goes
  11. their
  12. there

Challenge Words

  1. really
  2. caught

Week 8 at Spelling City