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Here are just a few ideas for getting started using an iPad in your classroom!

Articles to read:

Free Apps to download:

Google Chrome
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Slides
Google Sheets

Class Dojo


By Read, Write, Think:

BitMoji (iphone app can be installed to ipad)

Elements 4D
Anatomy 4D



Movie Apps: (curated by @edcamposjr)


Jon Corippo’s Shooting Gallery - awesome resource for getting your students to learn the 19 shots of film making.

AppsGoneFree - Daily reminders of usually pay for apps that are free for a limited time.

iMotion - TimeLapse video (FREE, but full only full version allows to save to camera roll)- great for long time lapse projects because it takes pics every few seconds and then strings them together and speeds them up to make the time lapse.  This takes up way less space on your iPad than Hyperlapse.

HyperLapse - This is Instagram’s new time lapse app and it’s awesome.  Very fluid.  I prefer it over iMotion when filming short hyper lapse videos.

FunnyFace Movie Maker (FREE but in app purchases for more faces)- create dialogue between images of characters faces with the mouths cut out(a la Conan O’Brien)

ToonCam ($1.99)- create cartoon-ish video or import already recorded video and convert that into a cartoon-like video(similar to video used in films like ‘Waking Life’ or ‘Scanner Darkly’ but not as advanced.

HalfTone ($0.99) & HalfTone 2-($1.99) not a video app, but a very cool comic strip making app(app smash with ToonCam).  Possibly to transition between video clips.

PuppetPals - create animation with puppets and various props and backgrounds

ActionMovie FX (FREE but in app purchases for more effects)- Pretty amazing special effects

FX Guru (FREE but in app purchases for more effects)- a lesser version of Action Movie F/X but there are some cool gems here, too

SloPro (FREE, but need the ProUpgrade $3.99 to save to cameral roll)- make awesome slow motion video and adjust speeds, speed in and speed out of clips.

DoInk ($2.99)- a very easy to use green screen app where you can place any image or video as your background.

PicPlayPost - Create video with multiple videos playing simultaneously in different layouts.  Like Picstitch but with video.

VideoScribe - Create RSA Animate type animation videos.

Explee - This is new to me, and isn’t an app but I believe it does the same thing that VideoScribe does. RSA Animate type videos.

iMovie ($4.99)- bring all of your app smashing together in iMovie.  Insert clips and add titles and transitions before publishing to YouTube.

Gravie($1.99) - Similar to iMovie but allows for more creativity when adding text/effects.

  • Here’s an article on Gravie that gives some examples of why I prefer it over iMovie.  There’s even some great screenshots of how to do certain things

  • Here’s a video tutorial on gravie that takes advantage of some of the cool features

Explain Everything($2.99) - pretty easy to use Interactive Whiteboard & Screencasting

iDirectr(FREE) - templates for a storyboard driven creation process

VidLib - Video Stock footage app. VidLib has over 100.000 iMovie & Final Cut ready royalty free clips that you can license and download for your film and video projects.